Program/Project Management Services

Experience The Art and Science of Project Management.

The science is the practical process we have developed and apply to major programs and smaller projects alike. It keeps everything on track and on budget. Answerport’s project management framework (see table below) has been developed and utilized to provide structure and control on countless projects over the years.

While adhering to a project management framework is an important aspect, Answerport’s experience with similar projects provides us with insight which allows us to spot the issues that occur in the spaces between the boxes. Gray areas are black and white to us. We can anticipate potential issues before they become tangible problems.

This is the Art of Project Management. We keep the projects moving while we track them – thus, our clients get detailed oversight that won’t clog up the project plan. We address potential problems without choking the process.

This is why our clients say, “You are looking out for us.” It’s what we do. We solve our clients’ problems without causing other issues. Our solutions are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Our Capabilities

Answerport combines pragmatic analysis, robust planning, tracking tools, and rapid communication to help avoid pitfalls, remove roadblocks, and help you realize project objectives. We will provide the resources needed to help ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Project Management Framework


Define the Project including the following:

  • Project Goals/Objectives
  • Project Scope
  • Deliverables
  • Roles / Responsibilities including Project Sponsor
  • High-level project schedule
  • Budget
  • Create Project Plan
  • Create Resource Plan
  • Develop Communication Plan
  • Determine Governance model and agree upon status reporting cadence
  • Develop QA/Checkpoint Plan
  • Select Tools, e.g., document collaboration
  • Refine Project Definition and document in the project kickoff deck include the following:
    • Project team structure
    • Project Goals/Objectives
    • Project Scope
    • High-level project schedule
    • Project team involvement
Executing & Monitoring
  • Conduct Project Kickoff to review project definition

Iterative Processes/Cadence – Kickoff to Close

  • Monitor project activity details using the following:
    • Issues Tracker
    • Task List
    • Progress Trackers, e.g., PC Tracker, Email Tracker, Dev Tracker
  • Maintain project plan
    • Track progress against the plan
    • Revise based on new information
  • Perform Status Meetings and Reporting
    • Status Meetings
    • Status Reports
    • Steering Committee meetings / reports
    • Communicate to other stakeholders
  • Manage Risk using Risk Tracker
  • Track/organize purchases
    • Organize License/Subscription agreements
    • Track hardware purchases/transfers
  • Track Budget to Actual
  • Review/revise Resource Plan
  • Manage Scope
  • Hand-off documentation
  • Complete project knowledge transfer and hand-off to client
  • Conduct post-mortem / lessons learned