Enterprise Applications

Make Your ERP Investment Pay Off – and Work Out.

We will help you screen, select, and activate your ERP. We do this seamlessly – guiding you to the best solution for you, justifying the investment, and creating a roadmap for you to move forward.

Here’s how we do it:

Business Application Services

  • Facilitate the process of gathering and developing a comprehensive business requirements definition.
  • Evaluate technology solutions.
    • Identify potential technology solutions.
    • Create the demonstration scripts.
    • Facilitate the demonstration sessions.
    • Facilitate the evaluation of demonstration sessions.
  • Evaluate technology solution integrators.
  • Weigh the benefits of the new system’s capabilities while leveraging the investment in your existing system, including reporting and legacy IT integration needs.
  • Develop a business case to support the investment.
  • Develop the project roadmap for implementing the new solution(s), including resourcing and investment needs.
  • Assist with contract negotiations (Software provider and Solution integrators)

Once the system is selected, we will help you manage the implementation process by working with your team and technology integration provider to facilitate a successful implementation.

Our Capabilities

Software Selection

Answerport has developed a best practice methodology for assisting clients throughout the software selection process. We bring a proven, independent perspective to help our client’s select the solutions that best meet their needs.

We can tailor our methodology to help you understand the best fit and the total cost:

  • Large scale efforts (like ERP, HCM, BI or CRM),
  • Provide for various options in the selection process to:
    • perform an in-depth validation of one or two preferred solutions where a tactical direction simply needs confirmation.
    • Consider 5 or more solutions to determine the best fit.
    • Separate the software solution from the software integrator selection by first identifying the best fit software solution and then focusing on the best fit integration partner for implementation.

Software Implementation

The “real work” begins when the implementation starts. Answerport consultants will work alongside your team by maintaining an active role, guiding the project team, resolving issues, and managing the effort in a timely and cost-effective manner.

This helps ensure the software solution being implemented meets agreed to business requirements and the software integrator is completing the work as planned. We see too many cases where the software integrator only has an interest in implementing the software quickly but does not always pay attention to the client’s needs or desired business results. We make sure they do and that you’ll get your desired results.

Whether you are implementing a completely new process or integrating with another solution – Answerport will work with your team to ensure that all the elements – people, process, and technology – work together. These three elements are critical and need to be monitored during and after the implementation process for an improvement in business performance.

We have the IT experience and the business chops to solve your Enterprise Applications challenges and potential problems. Let us be your resource.

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