Cyber Security

Everyone is at risk of a potential cyber event. How do you minimize the risks and the potential impact?

What if one of your portfolio companies gets hit with ransomware? Could it survive being shut down for two weeks? There’s no value creation if a business grinds to a halt. Cyber events can take the form of a distraction like a virus outbreak or a single system disruption to larger impacts like a business email compromise or ransomware event that disables several systems for longer periods of time.

Answerport’s Cyber Security team takes a business-centric approach to assessing your cyber security risks by identifying proactive opportunities to help your organization be more resilient to cyber threats. We help advise private equity firms and their portfolio company’s leadership teams on where to focus and prioritize resources and investments. We work with our private equity clients to protect their portfolio companies and investments.

We learn and understand each business so that we can strategically think about what you realistically need to meet your goals. Then we develop pragmatic recommendations and roadmaps that are effective and can be implemented. We help both business and technology leadership understand and take ownership of these plans and when requested, we support our clients with implementing their security initiatives.

The best point may be that we are as approachable as we are pragmatic. Whether you consider your portfolio companies to be small businesses, mid-market businesses or big business, they all need a Cyber Security program that addresses near term needs with ongoing sustainability. Your portfolio company investments are important. Protect them well.

As business continues to evolve, so will cyber-crime, which will require a continuous commitment to Cyber Security. Answerport will keep you several steps ahead.

We can devise an appropriate, strategic Cyber Security plan for every company you own – customized to each of their unique risks, goals, and needs. With the increase in Cyber-attacks by “bad actors” today, it’s more of a question of when, rather than if, a company will experience a cyber incident. Answerport will work with you to proactively protect your portfolio company investments to reduce the risk of attacks and minimize their impacts before the time comes.

Be ready. Contact us at Answerport.

Answerport’s Cyber Security services include:

  • Security advice and review throughout the M&A lifecycle (Due Diligence, Integration/Carve Out projects, Ongoing Infrastructure Support & Managed Services, Pre-Sale Assessment)
  • Information security & risk assessments including assessments against specific frameworks and compliance regulations – e.g., NIST, DoD CMMC, HIPAA
  • Establishing and managing cyber security programs to remediate gaps and protect critical business assets
  • Reviewing & developing security policies & procedures
  • Developing and delivering cyber security awareness training
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning and remediation advice
  • A Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual security check point review
  • Secure infrastructure design and implementation to establish or improve clients’ core technology infrastructure
  • Proactive IT monitoring and responsive IT support via our Managed Services Team
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services for on demand leadership and experience in transition or to support clients’ existing technology teams
  • Senior level strategy and advice to help boards and senior business leaders navigate evolving cyber threats