Management Advisory Services

Business Process Management

processEffective business processes help companies operate at peak performance while providing the ability to sustain performance across an ever-changing business landscape.

Answerport Consultants help our clients to design and implement consistent processes, metrics, and KPI’s that drive recurring business value.

To accomplish this, we leverage insight and experience in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business value assessment
  • Business process design and optimization
  • Organizational change management

We work closely with your team to help your business achieve increased business performance and operational agility that drive value to your bottom line.

Our Capabilities

Business Process Evaluation

Leveraging industry insight and best practices, Answerport will assess the effectiveness of your current business processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our consultants work with you to benchmark your current processes against industry process models to identify potential opportunities for improvement.

The resulting “improvement portfolio” is then used to manage business process improvement initiatives.

Business Process Improvement

Maximize the value you derive from your current resources. We provide a variety of business process improvement services that enable you to get more throughput and efficiency from your business processes and systems.

We will tailor our approach to identify value chain transformational improvement or targeted incremental improvement in areas that are “bleeding cost” or impacting competitiveness.

Lean, efficient, fast and auditable business processes are the result of refining, measuring and removing inefficiencies.

Business Process Redesign

Drive your company to the next level of competitiveness and performance. Our approach addresses the inevitable organizational change issues that often come with transformational Business Process Redesign initiatives. We address organizational change in many ways including resource re-alignment, change barrier remediation, organizational readiness and measurement incentives

Building from a comprehensive Business Process Evaluation Assessment, we will build a transformational program that encompasses organization, IT, process and performance measurement. Our professionals help you define new processes by adopting practices and KPI metrics to meet or exceed the benchmarking comparatives of the industry. These redesigned processes can result in elevated efficiency and effectiveness for your organization. This service is also referred to as Business Process Reengineering (BPR) or Business Transformation.

Interim Executive Services

ceoAnswerport Consultants assist companies, private equity firms, boards of directors and senior executives with managing transitions within their companies. Our executive consultants have filled the following senior level roles on an interim basis for clients:

  • CEO
  • CIO
  • COO

Our Capabilities

Our qualified team of interim executives are dedicated to making your business succeed. Our interim executives have been accountable for results and have “walked in the shoes” of our clients through their experience in senior level operating roles in industry. They work with boards of directors and other senior executives to help address complex operational, strategic and organizational challenges.

Technology Advisory Services

Answerport Consultants work with our clients to make sure your IT capabilities are closely aligned with your business needs. Companies require their IT organizations to consistently deliver on time and budget and make efficient use of available resources to remain competitive.

IT Strategy and Effectiveness

Our Approach

compassWorking together with your business leadership and IT organization we help you identify opportunities to align your IT delivery capabilities to your strategic business objectives. This process identifies the required IT architecture, IT organization and enabling technologies that are required to move your business forward and remain competitive.

Answerport Consultants bring real world skills and front line experience to help you define and achieve your strategic business and IT goals. With over 25+ years of leadership experience in manufacturing, consumer products, high-tech, and professional services companies, we bring a unique blend of pragmatism and experience that helps you identify and achieve strategic objectives.

Our Capabilities

  • Information Technology (IT) strategic planning
  • Application portfolio planning
  • Systems/software integration planning
  • ROI and cost/benefit analysis (e.g. Business Case)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Organization alignment
  • IT Governance (SAFE IT)

IT Infrastructure Services

infraIT infrastructure plays a critical role in the delivery of business systems to an organization.  High performing, high availability infrastructure is mandatory in today’s business environment where the cost of downtime is extremely expensive and disruptive.

Our Approach

Understanding these demands, our consultants have a broad range of experience in managing the implementation and operation of IT infrastructure in multi-site global operations as well as smaller operations looking to expand.  Our team members have been responsible for the implementation, operations and management of IT infrastructure environments.

Our Capabilities


Our consultants work closely with your team to develop long-term infrastructure strategies taking into consideration your current state, industry directions, best practices and future needs. We understand the need to devise an executable plan that accounts for all components of our client’s infrastructure.

Process Improvement

Answerport consultants understand that the processes required to effectively manage IT infrastructure are as critical as the deployment of your technology solutions. We have led many process efforts with the goal of achieving improved customer satisfaction and system performance/availability.

Data Center Build / Relocation

Our team of professionals has managed multiple data center design and build projects, collocation evaluation & selection efforts, network and server relocations and corporate office relocations. No matter what the business driver is, we can help deliver a solution that will meet your current and future data center needs.

Program and Project Management

Our team leverages a simple and focused IT governance process (SAFE IT) coupled with a pragmatic approach to managing multiple projects that compose an improvement program. Our SAFE IT governance process applies appropriate critical oversight to help ensure key activities are managed properly to meet project objectives.

Software Services

cloudwareWhen selecting and implementing new technologies for your organization, seamless integration with your enterprise’s existing information and business architecture is critical.

Answerport’s consultants help:

  • Facilitate the process of gathering and writing a comprehensive business requirements definition
  • Evaluate technology solutions
  • Evaluate solution integrators
  • Weigh the benefits of new system’s capabilities while leveraging the investment in your existing system, including reporting and legacy IT integration needs
  • Develop the project roadmap for implementing the new solution(s), including resourcing needs

Once the system is selected, Answerport Consultants can help you manage the implementation process by working with your implementation team and technology provider to facilitate a successful implementation.

Our Capabilities

Software Selection

Through experience, Answerport has developed a best practice methodology for assisting clients throughout the software selection process. We bring an independent perspective that has been proven to help our client’s select the solutions that best meet their needs. We can tailor our methodology to provide a broad analysis to help clients understand total cost for large scale efforts (like ERP) or provide an in-depth validation of one or two preferred tools where a tactical direction simply needs confirmation.

Software Implementation

When implementing a new software solution, the selection process is only the beginning. The real work begins when the actual implementation starts. Answerport Consultants work alongside our client’s team by maintaining an active role on the project team, guiding the project team and managing the effort in a timely and cost effective manner.

Whether you are implementing a completely new process or integrating with another solution – Answerport will work with your team to ensure that all the elements – people, process and technology – work together. These three elements are critical and need to be monitored during and after the implementation process for an improvement in business performance.